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Common problems and workarounds

Q. Using Safari (or Chrome) when I open an edit page the page is only half size of the usual window.

A. This is a known bug with the version of FCKeditor we're using. It is an interaction issue with Webkit and FCKeditor, so any browser built using webkit will have this issue. The work-around is to enter the window and press left mouse button. The window will resize to the full editing area. We will upgrade to a newer version of FCKeditor when one is available.

Q. I uploaded my logo, then resized it and it now looks crappy. Why?

A. If your logo has transparency (or translucency) when you resize it the alpha channel is changed. It takes a pretty sophisticated image manipulating program to do this well. You'd be better off using your own image manipulation program, like Photoshop or the Gimp to do this and reupload at the desired size. The ImageMagic library just isn't going to give you as good of results for this kind of operation.

Q. I uploaded my logo, then resized it smaller, but decided it needed to be bigger. The second resize introduced jaggies. Why?

A. Resizing is done in place (i.e. the new sized file replaces the old file to save you disk space). So, there isn't any undo capability. Once your logo was small you've lost information from the original picture and the resizing extrapolates from the small picture it's got. That usually results in an inferior picture. In this situation we recommend uploading the original picture again and resizing to the desired size.