Uploading a logo

From vlwcms Wiki

On the Admin Tools Panel you'll see an item named "manage Images". Pressing this will enter the image tool. This tool will allow you to upload a file from your computer, copy a file from another web server, set a picture to use as your logo, and resize an image. The page is divided into three sections, one for your currently uploaded images, one for getting a file from your computer, and one for uploading from another web server.

Once a file has been uploaded or copied, it will appear in the file list this page. At this point you can select it as your logo, resize it, copy it, or delete it.

VLW works with JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs. No other image types are supported. Filenames must have a recognizable extention name, i.e. ghost.GIF, tree.png, mom.jpeg are all valid filenames. These are the usual image types supported by all browsers, so this shouldn't be a limitation.

Cautions on resizing

The image library that VLW uses is fairly basic. It will do a decent job of resizing a JPG, PNG, or GIF if they don't have transparencies. If you need to shrink a picture with transparencies we recommend you use your own graphic programs, i.e. Photoshop, the Gimp, etc. The result will be better. You can use this tool to get the dimensions of the picture as it will fit into the template.

When you resize a picture, the file will be overwritten. This is to allow you to pick up a large picture, shrink it for a logo, and not waste space on the web server with an extra copy of a large file. This does mean that if you resize a picture too small, you'll want to re-upload the picture rather than resizing a small image to blow it up. Once the image has been made small, information has been lost and blowing that small image up will result in jaggies. You can copy the original file before resizing and if you don't like the results, copy it back in place to avoid uploading again.